It’s a-me

I make games

Game Designer from Vancouver Film School


Unity, Unreal Engine, Photoshop and Maya

Ideas? I got 'em

Let's co-op. Let's make games together! 

Female protagonist

My one-person indie game company supports women in games  


Bachelor of Science from Roskilde University; Communication and Urban Planning


Yoga, cooking, boardgames, adventure and philosophy 




I'm a Game Design graduate from Vancouver Film School, living in Copenhagen.

As a Game Designer I’m mostly interested in puzzle design, level design, building worlds, quirkiness, theme-heavy narrative and atmospheric environment. I strive to make games that contain presence and meaning, inspired by my own favourite games like: Journey, Ico, Limbo and Gone Home. Ultimately make games that stay in people’s hearts.


I've worked with Unity in my final project, when I was living, sleeping and breathing Game Design in Vancouver. I built the game together with a handful of awesome people. The game is made with love for handholding, togetherness and awesome movement mechanics. I built all levels and environmental art. It's co-op, you can't make it alone. Find a buddy, a soulmate, your mom...or all of the three and play the game here

Currently I'm using Unity as the main platform for all independent game projects. Please get in touch if you want to co-op like Batman and Robin, like Ham and Cheese, like Finn & Jake. I'd love to work on cool projects of all kinds of color and shapes.

The way I make games


Creating atmospheric environments.

Alice in Wonderland
Capture the Flag 

Level Design

Creating game worlds with symbolism and narrative

Take My Hand Game Trailer
Take My Hand Game Story


Creating puzzles and obstacles in quirky worlds

Little Lab Boy's Big Adventure

Let's co-op! I'm social and I love google and mails.